Our Product

Flame Retardant Foams

Characteristics and Applications

+ Acoustic Foams

 - Good Sound absorption by the predominant open cell and

   sound-insulation properties by closed cell at low frequency ranges.

 - Sound absorption and sound-insulation characteristics can

   be varied by adjusting the porosity and cell size.

 - Possible for various posttreatment , such as thermoformed

   pressing, etc.


+ Flame Laminating Foams

 - Satisfaction of flammability regulation for car makers using

   non-halogen based flame retardant.

 - Easy processing for flame lamination, good layer adhesion

   between different materials.

 - Good adhesion of textiles and foams.


+ Sealing Foams

 - High tear-resistance, long-term weatherability and

   chemical resistance.

 - Shock-absorption nature.