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23 July 2015

China Mobile is the Future Sokon Produced in Tangerang

Zulfi Suhendra - detikfinance

Thursday, 7/23/2015 16:17 pm

Jakarta -Corporate Chinese automotive, Sokon brand will begin to assemble its products in November 2015 in Indonesia.
Based on the rendered image of the Minister of Industry, Saleh Husin, to detikFinance, car Sokon manifold Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV). From the appearance of the car, Sokon designs look elegant, but not explained how the capacity of the machine, including the engine technology used.
Commissioner Sokonindo Automobile, Alexander Barus said, for the initial stage it is targeting production of 50,000 units per year.
"Production of us that in China was 400 thousand units per year. In Indonesia, this investment is US $ 150 million. Will we produce the first phase of 50 thousand units," said Alex, met on the sidelines of Eid Gathering at the Ministry of Industry, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta.
Alex insists, is still a factory to assemble cars, because 100% of its components are still imported from China. But he said, in the next 5 years, the targeted level of domestic content (DCL) of this product could reach 80%.
"For this quality one level above Sokon China. For the development of the next 5 years into the future, I say to them that China's 20% content, 80% locally," he explained.
Alex said plant worth Rp 1.65 trillion has been built since last November in Tangerang, Banten and is targeted to be entering a period of trial production in November this year.
He emphasized that the factory is located in the former motorcycle plant Sanex, which is now no longer manufactured. The factory building was made for mengakomodiasi storey car production capacity Sokon later.
"We finished production in the area. Because of the small Sanex be made 4 levels. All permissions are finished. Now the stage of development. November commissioning, trial," said Alex.